Sonix Link

Reliable Data-Over-Audio Solutions made in Germany!

Sonix Link uses ultrasonic, inaudible sound to connect devices without  having to rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Ultrasonic Push Notifications

Broadcast Notifications to Smartphones within a given range.

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Ultrasonic Data Transfer

Transfer data across multiple devices in a private and secure way.

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Ultrasonic Location

Locate Devices even inside buildings with high accuracy.

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Ultrasonic Authentication

Use an ultrasonic key to claim access to your digital vault.

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Why Sonix Link?


Flexibility to support encryption, cryptography, key exchange alongside full duplex, multi-channel features, we can enable the most secure transmission method.


Our clients have complete control of their data transmission experience based on their transport layer and business model.


Customizable performance range from a few centimeters to many meters with best in class transmission reliability and confirmation.


Faster and more seamless authentication experiences enabled with the combination of range and experience control.

Low Cost

Flexibility to support favorable transaction fee and cost structures in payment experiences due to security & control.

Low Power

For IOT Solutions power efficientcy is very important. Therefore our Low-Power Receiver Technology is well suited.
Image QR Bluetooth Wi-Fi ZigBee 802.15.4 LoRa
One-to-many broadcast
Non-line-of-sight transmission
Works in RF-restriced environments
Zero configuration
Low-power operation
Supported by low-end mobile devices
Typical maximum range 100m 10:1 100m 50m 100m 10km