Frequently Asked Questions

Advice and answers from the Sonix Link Team

Ultrasonic refers to any sound wave above the human hearing level. Generally, people can’t hear sound waves transmitted above 15 kilohertz, so Sonix Link embeds data in an audio file between 19.0 and 20.5 kilohertz, making it inaudible to over 97% of the population.

No, it does not exist. Hearing aids according to DIN EN 60118-0 no longer transmit sounds in the range above 8 kHz to any significant extent. On the contrary: our technology is also an opportunity for those who have limited hearing, since information can be accessed on smartphones.

No, the technology is harmless to animals. Certain animals can hear the sounds, but they are not affected by it.

Sonix Link’s integration with your app (whether it’s existing or we create one for you) activates a device’s microphone and listens for the trigger embedded within the audio file.

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