Some Use Cases for our Ultrasound Communication Technology

Ultrasonic Push Notification

Broadcast proximity messages from any speaker without the need for Wi-Fi, cellular service or Bluetooth. UPNs can be embedded into any music or television broadcast, or even played silently without any accompanying audio.

Ultrasonic Data Transfer

Send arbitrary data payloads through sound waves. Our Ultrasonic Data Transfer protocol is resilient to noisy environments, including large stadiums, and can transmit over 100 meters. The data payload can then be leveraged to achieve any custom, desirable action on the receiving device.

UDT is extremely secure, as the signal is isolated to the room in which it is broadcasted. As the UDT signal never occupies the electromagnetic spectrum (think Wi-Fi, cellular service and Bluetooth), it is impenetrable to many traditional hacking techniques. Traditional encryption methods like SHA-256 can be applied to the data as an additional layer of security.

Ultrasonic Location

GPS and BLE location services provide only rough approximations of user location, especially indoors. CUE’s Ultrasonic Wafinding (UWF) services allow positional triangulation, using only existing speaker infrastructure — no additional hardware required. Tailored content can be displayed depending on the user’s current location, or referencing previous regions he or she has visited.

Ultrasonic Authentication

Any user ID, password or username can be transmitted via CUE’s Ultrasonic Authentication Protocol. A typical concert ticket can be transmitted in roughly one tenth of a second. This can help speed up long queues for check-ins and even eliminate specialized ticket scanners.

Ultrasonic for Mobility

If you are interested in using our technology in a mobility project, please contact our partner BeeSonix.